Get more benefits, savings,
and protection with the
CoxHealth MedicarePlus plan.


A Partnership Between Two Missouri
Healthcare Leaders

Essence Healthcare

CoxHealth and Essence Healthcare have joined together to create a better healthcare experience for people with Medicare. The result is MedicarePlus, an exciting Medicare plan that delivers complete health coverage, important financial protection, and money-saving extra benefits all in one $0 Premium plan.


MedicarePlus: Complete Coverage in
One Plan


MedicarePlus bundles medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage together in one plan. There is no need to pay for a separate Part D prescription drug plan or a supplemental policy. It’s all included.

Even better, there are valuable money-saving extras like preventive dental and vision coverage all included at no additional cost.


$0 Premium And NO Deductibles


With MedicarePlus there are no additional premiums to pay. Even better, there are no annoying deductibles to meet. Your coverage begins right away.


Important Financial Protection


MedicarePlus protects your savings and retirement by putting an annual limit on what you have to pay out of your own pocket – important protection not offered by regular Medicare plans.


Valuable Extra Benefits That Save You Even More


MedicarePlus includes important extra benefits including Dental, Vision, and even free memberships to local area health clubs at no additional cost – important money-saving coverage not offered by regular Medicare plans.


Important Travel Coverage


Whether making a trip out of state or out of the country, if you have an emergency, MedicarePlus has you covered. Urgent care is also available while traveling worldwide.


Service The Way It Should Be


As a MedicarePlus member you get to choose a participating CoxHealth primary care doctor to serve as your personal physician. They will work closely with you, help you manage your health, and help coordinate your care with specialists and others.


With CoxHealth MedicarePlus there are no complicated phone trees to navigate or endless transferring around to get an answer. Your call will be promptly answered by one of our friendly customer service representatives located right here in Missouri.


Take The First Step

Speak with a MedicarePlus Representative

Speak with a MedicarePlus Representative

Call the number below to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Licensed Healthcare Advisors. They can go over your options and let you know if MedicarePlus is right for you.

Attend a FREE Informational Meeting Near Your Home

Attend A FREE Informational Meeting Near Your Home

Learn more about MedicarePlus in a relaxed setting with a group of your peers. It's a great way to learn more about the plan and get the facts you need to make a smart choice.

Request a FREE Information Kit

Request A FREE Information

Fill out our request form and we will mail you your FREE information kit filled with all the facts and information you need to decide if MedicarePlus is right for you.